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If you'd like, you can directly participate in the life of this authentic, farming world. You can drive our farm's tractors under the supervision of one of our specialized workers, collect grapes together with us and participate in a fantastic Sunday lunch, go by horse across the Carpina stream, watch the animals in the pasture, in the courtyard or in their stalls, and participate first hand during sowing and harvesting. Your stay in Umbria will be a great adventure of relaxing natural tours, exciting sport activities and delicious culinary events.

Wine and Food Selections

At "I Due Mondi", guests will have the chance to dive into the rich and varied world of local food and wine for a vacation in Umbria that is defined by good taste. Our expert sommelier will guide you in pleasurable evenings to learn about the wonderful world of food/wine combinations. Here's a "taste" of what you will be able to experience:

  • honey, cheese and Sagrantino passito
  • Umbrian oil, soups and wines of Orvieto
  • the crescia of Gubbio, local sausages with upper Tiber wines
  • the "I Due Mondi" steak washed down by great reds from Umbria
  • truffle delicacies
  • friccò stew of chicken, beef or lamb with crescia and wines from Montefalco

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