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Surrounded by an oasis of nature and tranquility

The farm and farm "I Due Mondi" is located in San Lorenzo of Montone, near Perugia, Umbria, Italy. The territory where it is located is characterized by a series of hills and quiet valleys where the green of well-cultivated areas alternates with large forested areas. The plain, rich in crops, is crossed by the Tiber river that second wind with the numerous tributaries that run through the surrounding valleys. The area, enjoying a temperate climate, expresses a particularly varied flora also characterized by numerous woodland products: the precious truffles, to various types of herbs and wild fruits. Wild boars, deer, roe deer, hares, show by their presence the perfect biological balance of this territory.

The city of Montone

The center of Montone, which since 2003 is part of the club of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy" established by the National Association of Italian Municipalities, is a real architectural jewel that condenses all the peculiarities of an ancient wisely preserved medieval village . Home to the famous Andrea Fortebracci said Braccio da Montone (1368-1424), one of the greatest soldiers of fortune that history has ever known, this small town offers visitors the opportunity to cross picturesque Medieval streets and appreciate a conspicuous artistic heritage that revealed in the simple architecture of palaces and churches and of pictorial art, in silver and in vestments kept in the museum of San Francesco.

To see, the Collegiate of 1310, the parish church of San Gregorio, built around 1000, the original ethnographic museum "the talking drum" with interesting findings coming from East Africa, the Rocca di Braccio, recently restored, the imposing Castle Aries. For those interested in observing the sky and celestial phenomena in addition, the medieval village of Coloti, to a step from mutton, offers a real Astronomical Observatory enjoyed by any visitor interested in the stars and the night sky.

Walking around Montone also means coming across small and rich shops of the past where you can breathe the smells of the past and appreciate the flavors of genuine products and carefully prepared: salami, fresh ricotta and tasty cheeses, honey, jam and berry preserves , truffles, mushrooms, wild herbs, fresh white wines and sparkling, full-bodied red wines. But there's more: the wrought iron workshop next to the Old Village Gate, the professional workshops where they practice the art of restoring antique furniture, the embroidery lace making and crocheting, following a tradition started by the nuns of St. Catherine.

Events and demonstrations in Montone in Umbria

The year in Montone held a series of cultural and artistic events of all respect and international acclaim: The spring festival with classical music concerts, the European film festival, an exhibition created in collaboration with Umbria Film Festival, traditional Brass band festival, with the participation of foreign and Italian bands, the festival of the castle Arietano to recall the exploits of the great mercenary captain Braccio da Montone, where the three districts of the city challenge each other during the last week of August, representing scenes of medieval life, sneaking in knightly games, parading in pageants.

Do not miss the last weekend of May the review of the master forgers with exhibition of wrought iron works and especially the feast of the forest, which is held the last weekend of October, with the presentation of the "wood products and undergrowth ", the biological ones, and of the local gastronomy, crafts, antiques, with concerts and shows in the streets.